Monday, February 29, 2016

Four 2 year olds!

Remember when these guys were this little... 
and we said it was truly feat in itself to get a good picture of 4 babies?

Jax * Amelia * Mya * Alexander

Well now they are 2 years old. 
And run away, and have temper tantrums, and don't stand still for more then 2 seconds, and push each other out of the way, and wack each other with balloons, and get sick when their Moms have driven endless hours to get together for an updated picture of them... and spend all day sleeping, crying and fevering so there is just no chance all 4 will be awake and happy in the same picture!

Getting a picture of four 2 year olds: Mission Impossible!  

Mya * Amelia * Jax * Alexander

Thank goodness I'm Tom Cruise! 
On one of the first days of our visit, we went out to feed chickens and I grabbed my camera on the way out the door and managed to snap these two pictures of them! Miraculously, in one of them, all four turned around and looked my way!

Mya * Jax * Amelia * Alexander

Thanks for the visit(s) ladies and kiddos! 
Thanks for driving long distances to meet for a playdate!!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Oh these cute children!

The things children say!

This takes on an extra special meaning with Jax. When he says something, we try our best to figure it out right away or call in reinforcements, 'Shayla, come quick, Jax is saying something and we don't know what it is!'
Because if you don't repeat, exactly, what he says, watch out! And there is no pretending you understand and making a general answer. You must repeat, exactly, what he says or a large temper tantrum will surely follow!
The other night, him and I were taking the compost out and he pointed to the sky and said, 'Moo ha.'
And I thought, yes got it, and repeated, 'The moon!'
Jax: Moo ha
Me: I see the moon too!
Jax: MOO HA!
Me: The moon's in the sky?
Me: Moon HAAAAAAAA!!! (Sometimes I can get away with it, if I just quickly repeat his sounds!)
Me: Moon sky?!!!! (Please be moon sky, pleeeeaaasseee!)
Jax: (Now flopped on the ground and kicking.) MOOOO HA!  MOOOO HA!!! MOOOO! HAAA!
Me: (Light bulb clicking on) Moon high!!!!! MOON HIGH!!!
Jax: (Standing up again.) Ya, Moo Ha!

Mya's turn:
Today we were reading Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you see? And at the end we were going through all the animals and Jax and Mya were saying most of the animals names, so we tried colors. Jax got the color brown. Mya got no colors. We practiced a bit and then moved on to animal sounds.
Starting with what sound does a frog make?
Mya excitedly shouts: FROG FROG FROG!!!
Me: (Laughing) And a sheep Mya?
Jax: Ya Sheep! Sheep! SHEEEEP!
Poor 3rd and 4th children... they only know cat and dog noises... and their parents don't even realize this until they are 2 1/2 years old!

On the way to skating today Tristan says, 'I am really excited to go to teacher skating today because last time we got to chase bubbles!'
Me: Oh really? That sounds like it was fun!
Tristan: Didn't you see the bubbles?
Me: No, I don't know how I missed seeing that! Maybe I was too busy chasing the twins around!'
Tristan: (with big wide eyes) You were playing chase too?!!!
(Haha, yes 'playing chase', chasing them down from the top of the railing, or chasing them out of the bathroom where they have built in sensory water tubs of fun!!!) 

And Shayla:
Today Shayla walked to the arena from her school, by herself... about 1 block! So at dinner we got talking about what to do if she ever got lost.
A couple of points we talked about were phone number: which she knew.
And Tristan's test was last name: which we are not sure if he knew because Shayla answered it before he had a chance.
Me: Shayla, you could have gave Tristan some time to try and answer that.
Shayla: Well, what about middle names. Tristan, what is your middle name?
Tristan: (Blank look)
Shayla: A middle name is like, in the middle. Mom, your middle name is bucket... bucket head or something, right?

Oh my.
Kimberly Bucket Head.

Actually, it kind of has a nice ring to it!  Hahaha

I guess I've talked about my blog a time or two?!
That or Uncle Ron still calls me Kimberbucket and Shayla overheard!

Oh the things children say!