Monday, February 29, 2016

Four 2 year olds!

Remember when these guys were this little... 
and we said it was truly feat in itself to get a good picture of 4 babies?

Jax * Amelia * Mya * Alexander

Well now they are 2 years old. 
And run away, and have temper tantrums, and don't stand still for more then 2 seconds, and push each other out of the way, and wack each other with balloons, and get sick when their Moms have driven endless hours to get together for an updated picture of them... and spend all day sleeping, crying and fevering so there is just no chance all 4 will be awake and happy in the same picture!

Getting a picture of four 2 year olds: Mission Impossible!  

Mya * Amelia * Jax * Alexander

Thank goodness I'm Tom Cruise! 
On one of the first days of our visit, we went out to feed chickens and I grabbed my camera on the way out the door and managed to snap these two pictures of them! Miraculously, in one of them, all four turned around and looked my way!

Mya * Jax * Amelia * Alexander

Thanks for the visit(s) ladies and kiddos! 
Thanks for driving long distances to meet for a playdate!!!


Vanessa said...

Hahaha.... that was the day before the $h1t hit the fan!! Look at those energetic happy healthy kids!! Good thing you are determined, prepared and amazing, thanks for getting a picture of all of them Kimber "Cruise" Bucket ;)

Anonymous said...

Great picture of four two-year olds all looking at you at the same time.... and even decent, almost all smiling expressions! Like Vanessa said, Can't believe the next day they weren't so lively and mobile! He.He. Nice shot Kimberly... glad you got it while you could! Love mom :)

Anonymous said...

PS: Notice that Alexander has moved as far away from that mean cousin, Mya as possible after that early "trying to bite him" picture. He.He.
XO gramma :)

Allise said...

Nice pic! Just imagine when we add in the other two year olds!! It will be really impressive if you catch them all facing you!
It was lovely seeing you all!