Thursday, May 5, 2016

Just feels like a warm hug!

Driving down the driveway to my parents place a few nights back... almost a week ago now, I just felt this deep calm. Surrounded by all the lush, natural beauty, I felt sheltered, safe and warm. The wild shrubs have really grown up along their driveway, making it very picturesque. The weeping willows tower above the house now, their long lacy branches dancing in the light breeze. The lilacs are in full bloom, explosions of purple and white against a back drop of green. Maple trees fill in the gaps between the grandfather furs. Rain drops glitter like sparkling diamonds and splash into a thousand jeweled pieces as they hit the ground. A lush, rain forest feel. A warm hug. Home.

I always say that what Alberta might lack in natural beauty, it makes up for it with the beauty, warmth and kindness of it's people. A point confirmed, as during this time that I am out here, away from my family, they are being well taken care of. Home cooked meals brought to them each night by such a wonderful group of hardworking, thoughtful prairie people. A caring, stead fast support network. A warm hug. Home.

A while ago I re-read this post: Alberia and it seems appropriate to post a link to it now.

So maybe the two places are merging together in my heart. Seeing the Southern Alberta beauty and friendly BCers waving to Dad and I as we are out for a bike ride. I come around one corner and see Dad chatting to a couple in an SUV and they are so smiley and friendly and I join in the conversation, thinking to myself, see Clayton, BC people are friendly too!
We wave goodbye and the red license plate stares me down as they drive away.

I guess some things never change.


Allise said...

I could almost smell and feel the Tappen spring reading your first paragraph. Lovely sentiments and writing!

Anonymous said...

Dido on Allise's post....That first paragraph makes us feel with all of our senses! Beautiful writing Kimberly.
Your network of friends and support back home in BI is wonderful!
Love mom :)

vanessa said...

hmmm, i know that feeling of driving home to two places.... its kinda of nice :)