Monday, May 30, 2016

Tristan's quad!

Finally... a post and picture of Tristan and his very own quad!
He saved his money for over a year and this spring had enough to buy this second hand quad.
He worked so hard, collecting bottles and not spending his money when he had opportunities and it finally paid off. 
And he loves his quad! 
He loves everything about his quad, even when it won't start... he is excited to push it up to the garage and take the seat off and hook up the battery to the charger!
He can now start it all on his own and is a very carefully driver and even extra careful when he is giving Jax a ride.
 (Mya, on the other hand, just runs to the house screaming because the quad is too loud!)
Tristan thought we should get Dad a quad for his birthday so he would have someone to ride with.
So sweet Tristan.
Sadly, instead, we got Dad a shovel and some gummy bears!

So proud of you buddy!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Tristan---saving for your very own quad!
So thoughtful and appreciative too!!
Guess Dad will have to try and save for his own quad, eh Tristan?
Love the pictures...
Farm Gramma :) and Farm Grampa says way to go too!!!

Allise said...

What dedication Tristan! That's incredible. You can see his accomplishment and pride in those smiling pictures :)

vanessa said...

i should have chipped in twenty bucks for first dibs on a ride when i'm out! tired of waiting in line with all those cousins he has to drive around!