Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sometimes a girl just misses her Daddy

Maybe as it was just Daddy's Day last weekend or maybe because I just talked to my Mom and Dad has the canoe loaded on the truck incase some fishing in a mountain lake happens this weekend and I really wish I was able to just pop over and join them or maybe because my family is content to spend the first day of summer vacation watching TV or maybe because this spring I was lucky enough to spend a whole week just hanging out and doing fun stuff... just me and my Dad, so now I am feeling nostalgic and miss my Daddy.

So, instead of getting outside by myself and driving 2 or 3 hours and creating my own outdoor adventure fun, I just started reading old blog posts.

So here are two posts from 2012 about my Dad. This one made me laugh out loud and this one brought a tear to my eye, mainly because I am feeling all sappy and such today.

Love you Dad!


Kimberly said...

And I know, I know... I am heading to the farm in less then a week but there is just something about trying to cram a whole season of fun into 2 or 3 weeks, as well as fitting in all the visiting, that is just getting a little old. I mean... I am so excited to be heading to the mountains in less then a much so that I might not be coming back. ;)

Anne Hodgson said...

Noooo,don't even tease about staying...but I know how you feel.Love your blog.

Anne Hodgson said...

Noooo,don't even tease about staying...but I know how you feel.Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

That "less than a week" is here. As I sit looking at your blog you just texted that you are in Canmore. We'll pack in as much as we can and still "smell the flowers" and "relax and enjoy"
Lovely memories and pictures of Dad (particularly love that single of Dad hiking!!!! It is so him.).
Love Mom :)

vanessa said...

Amelia loves the one of farm grampa 'trying to eat one of the grandchildren'! she wants to look at it again for the 10th time right now! she asked 'which one is he trying to eat? and why is he not trying to eat the little one?!' I agree, you'd think logan would have been to more tender choice! maybe his diaper was stinky?

oh and yes, excellent picture of dad hiking... loved that hike :) you should all come to lillooet more often.... :)