Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Kids are cute. Kids say cute things. Kid should never grow up!

A while ago we were driving back home from a birthday party, we were cruising along on the highway and it started to downpour! So I turned on the windshield wipers full blast.

Shayla pipes up: What is that flashing across on the car?
Me: I'm not sure... I didn't see anything, other than all this rain!
Shayla: Right there, see right there, there it goes again!
Me: What? Are you talking about the windshield wipers?!
Shayla: See right there. Just keeps flashing across the window!
Me: Those are the windshield wipers Shayla! Have you seriously never seen the windshield wipers turned on before? 
Shayla: Not like that fast. How can you even see out the window! This is so cool!

Oh my sweet, sweet prairie children!

Shopping in Medicine Hat one day, the kids brought along their wallets with change to spend at the 25 cent candy machines.  Apparently that is the only place they have to go to have a successful and fulfilling day of spending their money. Not the healthiest... but easy-peezie, so I was all for it.

Tristan was trying to figure out what coins to use.
Clayton: You need the 25 cent coin, the one with the caribou.
Tristan: Oh good. I have lots of ones with the Caramoose!
Clayton: Caribou
Tristan: Oh ya. See here's one. Yay! And another one, yay! What? Another Caramoose! I am so lucky.
On the way out of the mall, Tristan is still marvelling at his good fortune of having so many quarters.
Tristan: Wow, I am sure happy about all those Caramooses!

Oh my sweet, sweet Tristan!

After tucking Mya and Jax into bed, I was singing a song to Shayla, when all of a sudden there was a shriek of terror from the twin's room followed by blood curdling screams.
I semi-rushed back into their room... because, well, Mya is Mya and a tiny bump can produce a noise that would make one think her arm had been severed off.
Mya: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Holding her eye, tightly with both hands.)
Me: Mya, what's wrong?
Mya: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! My eye! Don't touch it! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Me: Mya, you will have to let me look at it.
Me: I'll be careful (prying her hands away.)
Me: Oh look, it's an eyelash... hold still. (I mange to wipe it away, first try, with a damp paper towel.)
Mya: (Instantly stops crying) That eyelash was really fighting my eyeball!

Oh my sweet, sweet drama queen!

What can I say about my Jax, he is such a character!  Just so comical and a little teaser, with lots of sideways eyes and mischievous grins. And at the moment he is being the biggest Momma suck ever and rarely will have anything to do with Clayton.

Jax: Not Daddy!  Momma! I want my Momma!

Clayton takes it all in stride. I guess he's don't this parenting thing a time or two and knows they all have their stages.
He says to me chuckling one day: You know who Jax reminds me of... the baby off that dinosaurs cartoon that was on when we were kids. Did you watch that show... wait... of course you never.
Me: Was it Mr. Dress Up?
Clayton: No. Here I'll find a YouTube clip... you've got to see it. 

Yup this clip is Jax to a tee!

Oh my sweet, sweet Momma suck!

Oh kids and kid-isms... gotta love 'em!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Tristan is 5!!!

Happy 5th Birthday Tristan!
We celebrated this milestone by just Mom and Tristan going shopping for party supplies and then to the movie theatre to watch 'The Secret Life of Pets'! 
Best day ever! said Tristan.
And the night before his birthday he decorated his rice krispee race car cake, which he was very proud of, and we went to the fire department family fun night! 
Best day ever! said Tristan.
And on his birthday he woke up, opened his first present and then spent all morning building the Lego race motor bike and truck set.
Best day ever! said Tristan.
Then his party started with swimming at the pool, then home for cake and ice cream, then an obstacle course, present opening and lots of fun playing with friends and superheroes!
Best day ever! said Tristan!
After supper we biked with cousins up town for an ice cream slushy treat. Tristan hopped in the bike trailer for the ride home and immediately fell asleep!
Tuckered out from the best birthday ever I guess! ;)

Happy Birthday my sweet boy!
I can't believe you are 5 already and heading to Kindergarten in September!
Love you my easy going little not so little guy!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Attempted Bike Trip #2

Well, that was back when I had two kids and she had none and people still thought we were insane. And there were moments on that trip I remember feeling slightly insane.
Thankfully, in life, the moments of fun usually come to mind before the less enjoyable memories! Also the complete satisfaction we both felt to have completed that trip, with kiddos in tow, made me want to try it again someday!

So we tentatively planned it for this summer.  
But as the date approached some apprehension started to appear... 
Wait... didn't we say if we did it again adults would have to out number kids... and there is me (Kimberly) and you (Vanessa) for adults and now 5 kids between us... um... huh.... ya... isn't 5 great than 2? Can a 7 year old and a 4 year old bike 20+km a day? If they couldn't, could we somehow strap on their bikes and haul them as well? With all our gear? Would I physically, actually be able to pedal my bike loaded like this? (Answer: NO!) Would Mom and Dad be willing to be a support vehicle? Will Dad have his hay put up in time? Would a 4 year old be able to bike along the side of a busy-ish road without gawking at the butterflies and accidentally swerving into traffic? And lastly, are we actually insane?!!! (Answer: YES!)

So, in the end, after the trip location got changed a few times and the length shortened, the whole trip got hacked to a one night tenting campout, where one of the days we will bike some to see how that goes, sort of a trip.

So here it is: 
The bike trip ride from one mountain lake, Wallenstien Lake, to another, Arthur Lake with 2 support vehicles, 2 adults riding bikes, 2 kids riding bikes and 3 kids getting a free ride! The roads were of course gravel and bumpy rocks (boo) but no traffic (yeah) and we biked somewhere between 15 and 20km, we kind of forgot to keep track of that. We ended at Arthur lake with 2 adults and 1 kid still on their bikes!

Here is the biking crew! Gung-ho and ready to go!

Jax riding in the luxury wagon which put him right to sleep
only to wake up 20 minutes later from all the bumps and jolts
that are part of riding in the backcountry.

Miss Too Cool for School, riding in her seat up front.

Amelia, riding behind her Mom on what turned out to be the
prime rib of spots!

Tristan ready to go!

Shayla leading the way out from Wallenstien Lk.

Mya was the first to ditch the bikers and join the support crew...
oh about 10 minutes in!

Here we are hooking Shayla up to my bike with paracord to help
her make it up steep hills in the later part of the ride when
she was tiring out. That and swatting at the mosquitos,
there were seriously millions and they would attack
viciously whenever we stopped... needless
to say we rarely stopped!

Shortly after Mya went in the suburban, we talked Amelia into
riding with me in the handle bar seat and Tristan hopped on behind
Aunty and said he was riding in that spot from now on! Apparently
his peddling helped on the uphills and sometimes he got a little too
crazy on the downhills and she had to shout at him to stop peddling!

As soon as Jax woke up and saw that Mya was driving in
the car with Gramma, he joined Grampa in the truck and never
came back out on the bikes.  I wasn't even sad about his decision
because I got to ditch the bike trailer and that lightened my load!
Mya, our trip photographer, forgot to get a picture of Jax and Grampa.

Amelia was hardcore and was one of the final 4 bikers left out on the trail.
(At the last fork in the road, Tristan had joined Grampa and Jax in the truck.)
But sleep finally overtook her and we swapped her into a carseat.

So, Mya joined us for a bit...

...until this comfy spot lulled her to sleep as well.

Shayla; the only kiddo to make it all the way to Arthur Lk.
Nice work girlie!

And then, because Arthur Lk had someone already camping at it,
we drove a few km more to Spa Lk so we could have a lake all
to ourselves. Wouldn't want to share a lake or anything!

And then, because we had trucks along to haul stuff,
we could do fun things like fishing.

More biking for The Three Musketeers, who weren't
tired out from their day of biking catching a ride!
Hanging out at a beautiful mountain lake, where the thousands of
mosquitos didn't seem nearly as bad as the millions that were on the trail!

And canoeing! 

Wouldn't have been canoeing on a real tour bike trip!

And the next day, on our drive home we stopped at Pillar Lk
 for a swim and a glimpse of the pillar and a plunge into the water
 from a rope swing... you know, just some good old mountain fun!

So there you have it folks... Bike Trip #2.
Not so much a bike trip...
but a lot of fun!