Tuesday, September 13, 2016

1st days of school!

Shayla is off to Grade 2!
She was super excited and continues to be this second week as well! Yay!

Waiting for their sisters to come home! So cute!

Tristan had to wait until the following week to
start school and ride the bus. Waiting is hard!

Tristan started kindergarten today! 
Yay but also sniff sniff

He was so excited! 
And I am so excited for my sweet, lovely middle child to get home and tell me all about his first day!


Vanessa said...

Oh my! what excitement! what nerves! what nostalgia! (for mama)
They both look very nice on their first days.... and such a cute welcoming committee waiting at the top of the driveway! :)
School already... you might be bawling when those 'babies' are climbing the bus steps ;) yikes!

Allise said...

Wow Shayla has grown! That's so nice they were both excited to go to school... I imagine it would be heart wrenching if they weren't.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww.... "firsts" ... they look lovely, so neat, tidy and spiffy!! That is an adorable picture of the kids waiting for their sisters as the bus is pulling up! Love it! XO mom