Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthdays Mya and Jax!!!

I can't believe it! I really can't! 
Jax and Mya are 3!!!
When did that happen? Where does the time go?
Don't I still call them 'the babies'?!!!
And lastly...
Clayton, we did it! 
We made it through the first 3 years of parenting twins!
Let's pat ourselves on the back and down some vodka! ;)

 Shayla is covering her mouth because
she just thought Mya was so adorable!

Jax and his 'jelly' (jello) Which he made and
was very proud and excited about!

Happy birthday you two!
We love you so much and everyday we enjoy watching that special twin bond that you two have!

Miss Mya, you are such a sweetheart, always caring for your hurt or sick family members, as well as tough as nails when it comes to protecting your brother... not as tough when it comes to boo boos!  But that's ok, I love to snuggle you!

Mr. Jax, you are such a character, you make us all laugh and have a real sense of adventure! Goofy and a real teaser but also supper sweet, caring and cuddly. I love my Jaxy snuggles!

Love, Momma (and I'm sure Not the Momma shares these thought too!)


vanessa said...

Three years old! SO big!! Looks like they had a fun birthday, I bet Amelia will be all over that Dr stuff when we get out there.... hope they LOVE to share with their little cousin!

Allise said...

Three?! Already?! When did that happen?!?! Great work you two! Not only did you do it but you excelled!

Anonymous said...

Three years ... time is flying by. It feels like a whirlwind is going on around me... I'm missing so much! Love from farm gramma :)
What cute pictures! What a fun birthday! XOXOXO to Jax and Mya

Amber said...

So, I've done a poor job of blog reading since school started... just looking at this now.

Don't forget to document the singing candle fun! Someday you'll want to remember why Clayton felt the need to drown a candle!