Thursday, September 1, 2016


Those twins. Those Twins! THOSE TWINS!
Spoiled. Spoiled rotten.
Spoiled rotten and stubborn as hell.

Of course I have known for along time that they were spoiled. Babies of the family and twins to top it off... so Mamma was spending the first few years just trying to make it through the day and sometimes making it through the day means... making that crying stop. STOP. RIGHT. NOW. 
You want that grape peeled with a side of chocolate syrup served in the pink bowl. Oh what was that? Now you want it in the yellow bowl and you want three grapes, instead of one, with the chocolate syrup on top, not on the side, and you want me to bow down and kiss your feet while I am at it? Of course hunny... if it makes that screaming stop, your wish is my command. 

And, of course, I know that all the times I have given in, have, actually in fact increased the amount and the longevity of crying in this house.  All I can say about that is: such is life.

So today when those twins were knocking on the screen door to come in, while I was inside making supper, and Shayla walked up at that exact moment and opened the door for herself and them to come inside and they said:
NO! We want Momma to open the door!
I thought: No. Nope. No WAY. NOT DOING IT! Not. This. Time. NO!
And they proceeded to stand on the deck and cry for a good 30 or 40 minutes.
We want our Mamma to open the door.
Their Dad comes home. Opens the door and says stop crying and come on in guys.
(Doesn't even question why they are standing on the deck crying... I suppose because he has lived here for the last 3 years as well, so why would he.)
NO! We want Momma to open the door!
Various people went out and in during this time and various amounts of fun were had by other children outside. But those twins just stood by the door and cried for like 2 hours... oh wait I already said it was 40 minutes, right?!
Just stood their and cried and said to anyone who walked by:
We want Momma to open the door.
Eventually supper was ready and I guess they were hungry, because they gave in and came in when not the Momma opened the door
Those twins! 
Those twins are spoiled and stubborn as hell.

So tonight when we were reading 'My New Friend Is So Fun!' and we turned to this page and Jax says: Hey, there's me and there's Momma. (Referring to the elephants in left to right order.)
I broke down into uncontrollable laugher.
(And so did everyone else... laugher is just so contagious.)
Because this picture does pretty much sum it up:
Jax (or Mya) crying. Momma looking bedraggled and defeated.
Nice of you to notice Jax... but then again, you've lived here for the last 3 years too... you really couldn't help but notice!

Jax the elephant                       Momma the elephant


Anonymous said...

I can picture them standing at the door as it is opened and closed several times and choosing not to come in.....
Those twins! They aren't "mommy sucks", are they? He.He. Kimberly, they just want you to know how much you are needed!
It is interesting that they both held firm though.... neither one came in and left the other one. Is it strength in numbers or just the beautiful "twin bond"?

vanessa said...

what's wrong with that behaviour? shows good determination and that they know what they want and are willing to fight for it... right? we'll just have to work on that hunger issue... they can't be bought off will food! ;)

coming from a mom with her own little tyrant trying to run the show!

Amber said...

I vote that it's a (nearly) 3 year old thing!