Monday, October 17, 2016

Zero points for Mom!

On the weekend the girls went into the city to go shopping...
and the boys went out spotting deer.

Tristan said, 'The girls aren't going spotting deer because girls say words like: that's boring. But boys don't say that!'
To which I replied, 'Well Tristan not necessarily all girls, I would, on most days, rather do something outside instead of go shopping.'
'Oh,' said Tristan.
And then Shayla walked into the room and asked Tristan where he was going.
'Spotting deer with Dad,' he answers.
'That's BORING!!!' says Shayla.
Tristan gives me a look and says, 'See Mom, I told you.'

1 point Tristan. 0 points Mom.

Shopping turned out to be quite enjoyable. Got some halloween costume supplies which included a blue wig which Shayla wore everywhere we went.
On the way home we ran into a family from town who had bought a TV that they couldn't get in the trunk of their car. So we hauled it home for them in our suburban.
On the way home I had a superb idea... trick Clayton into thinking we had bought a TV.
As we were getting closer to home I was having second thoughts, what if he really thought we bought the TV and was super excited about it... then I might feel bad.
But Shayla talked me back into it.
When we got home the boys were outside and Clayton came right around the back of the suburban to help unload.
'What is that?' he asked.
'A TV,' I replied.
'Ya, whose is it?'
'I finally broke down and bought that second TV you wanted for downstairs.' I smiled sweetly.
'No you never. I am really confused as to whose that is. BUT I know YOU didn't buy a TV.' 

1 point Clayton. 0 points Kimberly.


Vanessa said...

Haha! I needed a good laugh. Those boys are leading points this time.... But there's still time to take the lead ;)

Anonymous said...

OH! Does Clayton ever know you Kimberly!!!
That is too funny!
And Tristan knows Shayla (and maybe...most girls too!)
Your BOYS know you GIRLS! He.He.

Allise said...

Darn husbands knowing their wives so well! 😉