Monday, October 24, 2016

Sugar Momma!

The other evening during dinner and then continuing long after dinner ended, we had a funny and very interesting conversation with our kiddos.

Well, with two of our kiddos. The topic was: jobs you could have when you are an adult and Jax said he was batman and Mya said she would ride a bus to kindergarten when she was 5 and fly up in the sky (although she says this about 5 times every supper hour, so we all knew what was coming) and then they both left the conversation to play trains.

So we had a lovely conversation with Tristan and Shayla and it left me feeling happy and joyful and looking forward to the future. (Sometimes I may dwell a little too much on how fast they are growing up and how much I will miss this stage because I love love LOVE this stage and I want it too last forever. So, understandably, I dwell on how much I will miss it. You know living in the moment... working on living in the moment?... saying that I am working on living in the moment?... not actually ever living in the moment?!)

Anyhow the conversation started like this:

Tristan: Mom, how did you get a job where you look after kids?

Me: I picked it because I wanted to be able to stay home and hang out with you guys all day!

Shayla: I knew that's what you would say!

Tristan: When I am a Dad I want to stay home and look after the kids. How can I do that?

Me: Well... 

Clayton (interrupting): Get a sugar Momma.

Me (laughing): Really Clayton?!!!

Tristan: What's a sugar Mom?

(There may have been a bit of laughter before anyone responded.)

Clayton: It's a lady with a lot of money.

Me: Like has a good job and makes a lot of money. But we shouldn't really call people sugar Mommas.

Clayton: But if you want to stay home and look after the kids, you'd better find yourself a sugar Momma.

Tristan (giving Clayton the most disgusted, what is wrong with this adult sideways look): I am not getting one of those sugar Moms!

Laughter broke out even louder than before, so loud in fact, that Mya and Jax came running back to the table to see what was so funny. Of course they found nothing overly funny had actually happened and we were still just sitting around talking... boring! They immediately left again.

Shayla: How do you get a job with a lot of money anyhow?

Me: Well... some people have great ideas and start businesses that make them lots of money... or some people go to college or university after they graduate from school and learn even more and get good jobs that way.

Shayla: Like what kind of jobs?

Tristan: I know, those people that work at the grocery store. They make lots of money.

Me: I see how you might think that... but did you know all the money we give them... (like that $789.67 I had to part with the last time I went to Costco, for real, not a joke, yes, how you are feeling is how I felt when I saw the total too... for real, this must be a joke, oh, cashier, you are actually being serious... that total is for real, WHAT???!!!)... they do not get that money. (Tristan eyes get big and wide.) The owner of the store takes that money to pay what is called expenses, such as; buying the food to stock the shelves, paying to heat the store and run the lights and paying the employees, the people that work there. So the workers at the till get an hourly wage, a certain amount of money per hour and I don't think it's a lot.

Tristan: Wow! I did not know that!

Clayton: If you want a good paying job you might want to be a doctor or a dentist or...

Shayla: A pirate? How much do they make?

Me (laughing): I don't really know. I suppose there's potential for them to make a lot. But then they risk the chance of going to jail!

And I seriously can't remember what was said in response to that. I don't remembered any shocked questions about jail... ummm now maybe I should be a little worried about my children's future pirate careers!

Anyhow, like I said the conversation went on for quite awhile and we talked, in-depth, about a whole range of different jobs. It was so interesting to hear their interpretation of things and some of their questions were so intriguing and all of their spoken thoughts priceless! It was just a lovely, wonderful evening.

Near the end Tristan had decided that he would be a scientist that studied animals, until Clayton said: Hey you could be a hunting guide.

Tristan: What does that do?

Clayton: You would check out good areas to go hunting and then take people, like your Dad, there to hunt.

Tristan (all wide eyed again): That's a job?! Then I am doing that!

Shayla hadn't quite decided between an artist or a scientist, the one that does experiments.

Either of those two things or a pirate I suppose!

Ahh kids! I am so going to miss this stage! ;) ;) :0 :P


Allise said...

Love it! I can't get enough of hearing kids perspectives on life(well most of the time...).
My favourite right now is listening to them play independently and how they create and imagine with almost anything.
What a sweet memory for you to look back on.... when you're in the future procrastinating from living in the moment 😉

Anonymous said...

What wonderful "conversation" memories! Yes, and as Grampa Gooch always used to say, "Live in the present."
"A hunting guide....I can be that!" ---- Love it Tristan.
Are you sure Shayla said pirate...surely she meant pilot! He.He.

Kimberly said...

I agree... kids perspectives and imaginations are just so cool!
And Mom, funny you say that... because Clayton was like, pilot? Well Pilots do make... Shayla interrupts... No Dad I said Pirate!

Vanessa said...

I agree! what a great conversation! I look forward to that stage. Watching their minds expand and get great ideas. Tristan hunting guide..... Shayla Pirate... and now you have documentation of their childhood career ideas, I wonder how close it'll end up being.... for real life!