Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Okay Evel Knievel... 
what kind of dare devil tricks were you attempting?!!!

Oh... I see... these kinds!


Killed it!

And the sista getting in on the action!


Vanessa said...

What??!!! ;)
that was a serious bunny hop to get into that tree! Soon he'll be back flipping out if it!

Love the picture line up! Those are some crazy kiddos you have ;)

SIDE NOTE: Happy for the new post!... now that you busted me forgetting to check your blog for three months I check it every other day or so to keep it routine. Man it sure would be nice to read a new post every time I was on..... what four kids, a day home and a life gets in the way?! you could cut out one of those hours of sleep you get... aren't you used to running on three hours of sleep... interrupted?? ;) Thanks for the new post!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture sequence! Not only do we have a trickster biker we have a trickster photographer... good set of "making memories" and "making stories"...
love farm gramma :)

Allise said...

Wow Tristan! I wonder where he gets that sense of adventure from 😉

Kimberly said...

I love these photos! So fun and imaginative of Tristan.
Also, at the moment, I am really missing trees and looking at these photos makes me feel closer to a tranquil, mossy forest full of fun and adventure. Is it weird to miss trees? Maybe but it is defiantly one thing I miss so often.