Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Gymnastics... here are some bad quality pictures, through the parent viewing glass...
but oh well... GYMNASTICS! We love gymnastics!!!

When we were deciding what extracurricular activity to do this fall, there was:
Option 1. Nothing (I have always been a true enjoyer of unscheduled time... to do solo out door adventure activities, draw pictures or ride my horse. Nothing will always be my number one option. So sorry ahead of time to any of my socializing, team sports type children. I will try, for you I will try. And I know, I know the kids with nothing to do are the ones that get in trouble. Except for the fact that as a child/teen I never wanted to do anything scheduled or organized and I have to say... and I know my family would ALL agree... I was the teen who got in the least amount of trouble, nerd Corrine might say, middles are best Vanessa would chime in, ya high school, don't remember you being there, Justin might add, Mom in her rose coloured glasses would of course spout things like, you were all wonderful teens, and Dad's response, you may have been an easy teenager but that made up for your early temper tantrum years! Am I right guys?! Of course I am right!!!)

Option 2. Skating (We did this last year and Shayla seemed to enjoy it some and Tristan not as much.)

Option 3. Dance. (Shayla did this the year before and it was a hassle to get her to go!)

Option 4. Hockey. (Except I whispered that one when no one was really paying attention.)

And Option 5. Gymnastics! (Clayton was like... what was that, I missed Option 4? What gymnastics?!... you are willing to drive the kids out of town for an activity? And, hello, can you repeat Option 4 please? Nope I cannot!)

And they picked Option 5. Gymnastics! (Shayla and Tristan that is... poor Mya and Jax just have to come and watch every week. But we walk to the playground sometimes and color and sometimes even eat out at Subway... so I think they also enjoy it!)

And Gymnastics has been great! Fun! Awesome even! The kids love it, are excited to go each week and that makes all the difference! Also the end date is in December... that helps. And there is no big production or performance at the end, that part is kind of nice too! They have a nice area where parents can sit and watch, I like that. And it gets me out into a bigger centre a little more often. Sometimes I even get to have a drink from Tim Hortons on the way home!

At Thanksgiving I was in the school and noticed a bulletin board full of what the students are thankful for.

Here's Tristan's:

Hip hip hooray for gymnastics!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
From, the deer (out before hunting season thankfully), the hunter, 
Disgust and Sadness, Batman (not Bruce Wayne) and Super Girl!

Hope everyone had a fun and treat (not trick) filled halloween!
Shayla and Tristan were tricker treating pros and very polite.
Once Jax figured it out, he wiggled his way to the front of the group each time!
Mya hung back and was shy at every house but Grandma's.

Oh halloween, nice of you to come, glad you are over, see ya again next year!