Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
From, the deer (out before hunting season thankfully), the hunter, 
Disgust and Sadness, Batman (not Bruce Wayne) and Super Girl!

Hope everyone had a fun and treat (not trick) filled halloween!
Shayla and Tristan were tricker treating pros and very polite.
Once Jax figured it out, he wiggled his way to the front of the group each time!
Mya hung back and was shy at every house but Grandma's.

Oh halloween, nice of you to come, glad you are over, see ya again next year!


Anonymous said...

Cute trick or treaters! That wig is really blue....did Shayla wear it to school? (other than halloween day). Jax looks way taller than Mya... or is Mya kneeling?Glad is was pre hunting season so it was safe for Tristan the deer!!! Until next year and the return of....."surprise creatures or whatever??"
XOXO farm gramma :)

Vanessa said...

I read these all a while ago on my phone... I wish I would have commented then!! Love all your costumes.... so creative. Plus so much diversity! Three teams of trick or treaters, to maximize candy?? Was Clayton dressed up, or just heading out on a hunt?? ;)