Sunday, December 11, 2016

Prairie Sunsets!

 They are just so pretty!
(This picture was taken quite awhile ago but I thought I had better put up a couple of posts... since I had been posting more frequently this fall and then *BAM* no posts for over a month! Oops!)

This is what it looks like around here these days!
We were ready for it! 
Enjoyed our nice warm and long fall and now bring on winter and Christmas!


Vanessa said...

Beautiful and BEAUTIFUL!! Love the snow, love the sun set!
I hope the temperature is staying decent so your kids aren't getting frost bite while they are out there enjoying the snow.... and ice rink?? did it work out? We haven't talked enough lately ;) too much about christmas.... baahummm.... errr I mean I LOVE IT! :) Can't wait to see you guys.

Allise said...

Lovely! We have actually had sunrises and sets like that here too! Which is not the norm. All the native Vancouverites are complaining about how cold it is and the snow etc etc but I love it! Looking forward to seeing you in two weeks!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Our seasons make it!! Can't wait to see everyone. XOXO mom :)