Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!
We did!

There were:
Horse drawn wagon rides

That fit us all in!


Beauty salons

Fishing (Also ice fishing but I wasn't there to take pictures)

Oh right... almost forgot... there were presents!

An attack from a spiderman web shooter!

Petting horses

Great Grandmas and lots of visiting... but I guess I didn't take many visiting pictures!

Great Grandmas continued!

And lots, lots more!
Especially skating on Grampa's pond, tobogganing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and rides on the snowmobile... but I guess I was too busy doing all these activities to actually be bothered to take any pictures!
Happy New Year everyone!!!
All the best in 2017!!!


Anonymous said...

You caught a good portion of your Tappen Christmas.... Looks like kids had fun! It was a full, busy household with people, kittens and dogs to fit in! He.He. Love and hugs for the best 2017! XO farm folks :) :)

Vanessa said...

That was a fun and event-full holiday! I came home and put my feet up! And we all stayed healthy as a group! Maybe we are rounding the corner and the munchkins are all growing up so much! It was such a great time, thanks for documenting it... I got less pictures then that!

Allise said...

Lovely pictures! It was great to spend time with you all.... too bad we didn't get a 2013 babies photo! Next time!