Thursday, February 16, 2017

'The Day the Crayons came Home'

Shayla and Tristan's school celebrated Literacy week with a bunch of different events and activities.
Today was dress as your favourite book character:

Turquoise crayon
with smelly sock stuck on head buddy

Esteban the Magnificent,
the crayon formerly known as Pea Green

Ready. Set. Curl.

Here is the crew ready to try their hand(s) at curling:

Ready. Set. Curl.

And it's a full house!

The 3 Amigos... just cause they're so cute!

(Yes, these pictures were taken awhile ago... today our backyard rink is just a puddle!)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Remember that terrible, horrible Elkwater hike?

Well here is the one picture I took while on that hike:
I was looking through old pictures yesterday and low and behold came upon this one!
Yup, I managed to take a picture, one picture but hey I can't even believe I bothered to do that!
Cut yourself some slack lady and put the camera down!

A picture: Not actually worth a thousand words... because a glance at this picture would make one think that the terrible, horrible Elkwater hike wasn't all that bad!!! ;) 

Thursday, February 2, 2017


About the repercussions of birds eating Mya's favourite thing; a ladybug:

Mya: Mom, what do birds eat?

Me: Seeds, berries, grains, corn... stuff like that.

Mya: And a ludybug?

Me: Oh, yes and bugs.

Mya: NO! Birds DO NOT eat ladybugs! I like cute ladybugs.

Jax: YES they DO Mya!


Me: OK Mya, fine. Calm down. It is what it is, what are you gonna do about it?

Jax: Hit a bird?!

Mya: NO! I will eat the bird.

About what clocks actually say:

Mya: What does the clock say, Mom?

Me: Twelve ten. Lunch time!

Jax: No. It says: tick tock.