Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Remember that terrible, horrible Elkwater hike?

Well here is the one picture I took while on that hike:
I was looking through old pictures yesterday and low and behold came upon this one!
Yup, I managed to take a picture, one picture but hey I can't even believe I bothered to do that!
Cut yourself some slack lady and put the camera down!

A picture: Not actually worth a thousand words... because a glance at this picture would make one think that the terrible, horrible Elkwater hike wasn't all that bad!!! ;) 


Anonymous said...

That is a cute picture! Look at that little "not-even-two" Jax....following his older brother and sister to the top. Not gonna miss a thing. Where's Mya--- still trying to catch up and screaming?!!!!! He.He.
Dwell on this image memory of that hike....looks great and fun!
Love mom :)

Anonymous said...

oh, so you get your delusional optimism from your Mother!!! haha

too bad Mya wasn't in the corner of that picture blowing a fit... or maybe you don't take pictures of your children freaking out?... maybe its because you don't like the picture(s)mom took of your emotional outbursts... that egg was probably gross to hold ;) (teasing)