Thursday, February 16, 2017

'The Day the Crayons came Home'

Shayla and Tristan's school celebrated Literacy week with a bunch of different events and activities.
Today was dress as your favourite book character:

Turquoise crayon
with smelly sock stuck on head buddy

Esteban the Magnificent,
the crayon formerly known as Pea Green


Anonymous said...

I love those crayon books...Do you think they make kids think differently of crayons? Do Shayla and Tristan colour the sun orange as well as yellow now? And not leave the crayons laying around? or use the underused colours more? Interesting books giving the crayons such real feelings. XO farm gramma :)

Vanessa said...

those are great books! Its so fun to be at other peoples houses and hear new/different /creative books! The kids look great... I hope I can have your energy/enthusiasm for creativity as Amelia and Rueben need it!

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah! The kids do look great as crayons!!! Thanks Vanessa... Love mom :)