Sunday, March 26, 2017

Little boys beware!

We have always suspected that one day on the playground Mya would put another child in his or her place for picking on Jax.
You know, once she was school aged.
Turns out she wears a pretty big pair of pants for a 3 year old.
Ok ok we knew that already!

The situation:

We had biked in to the school playground and Shayla, our social butterfly, had made some new friends. They (the new friends and the siblings) were all playing tag on the playground equipment.

The 'putting a child into his place':

Random 6 year old boy: That baby is it!

Jax: (In a very quiet voice, followed by baby babble.) Hey, I is not a ba-beeee! 

Mya: (In a no non-sense very stern voice.) Do NOT call him a BABY, little boy!

Oh our little Miss Mya! 
Too bad she isn't that tough when it comes to bumps and bruises!


Amber said...

Go Mya!! And good for Jax, practicing standing up for himself, too :)

Anonymous said...

They'll stick by each other....Feisty pair, especially Miss Mya!
Chuckles and hugs from Farm Gramma :)

Vanessa said...

love this post.... so mya!