Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Welcome baby Rueben James!

 What a sweet baby boy!
Born Feb. 12... not in a hospital!
He was in a hurry to come I guess or maybe he's just a homebody!!!
Anyhow, glad you arrived safe and sound little Rueben and glad we got to come and have some lovely new born baby snuggles!

 The family of four! Looking good!

 Shayla loved cuddling with Rueben and had to fight her cousin Megan for a turn!

 When Tristan saw him he said, 'When Gramma showed me the picture I thought he was cute, but in real life he is ADORABLE!'

 Jax didn't want to hold the baby until the last day.

 And once Jax did it, then Mya wanted to as well!

And I just had to put up this picture too!
Amelia... not a fan of having her picture taken!
Too funny!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh! So sweet that new little Rueben and all those other cute grand kids!
I like the beginning and ending pictures.... really looks like... "Okay, that's enough alright, I've had it!"
Lucky Rueben....all those cuddles.
Love farm gramma :)