Thursday, May 4, 2017

Great Grandma

Goodbye Grandma... Great Grandma.

We love you and will miss you!
Thanks for all the lovely visits, hugs and snuggles, chats about your childhood,  'corn curls', the adventures had climbing on your bed and under your bed through the 'tunnel', walks to the park with a little rider taking a turn in your lap, dance parties to your golden oldies and listening to the history booking readings with you on our Thursday morning visits.
Thanks for sharing a little bit of history with us and a whole lot of love!

Snuggles from:


Having Great Grandma over for cake.

Grandma you are a very lovely lady and were so amazingly feisty still at 105!
We love you so much!

Hugs, snuggles and love until we meet again...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures of the kids with Great Gramma Gladys!
She was so with it to the end... Awesome!
You guys will miss your visits I'm sure!
Love farm Gramma and Farm Grampa