Monday, May 29, 2017

Our Adventure!

Here are some pictures from our (the kids and I) adventure in April.
We drove out to Vancouver via the Kootenays on Highway 3, saw and tasted the ocean and then drove back home through Lillooet and Tappen via the Trans-Canada!
It was quite the adventure!
We drove the whole way without any electronic devices and I told the kids we could stop whenever we wanted!  Needless to say the first day there was A LOT of stopping and exploring! Eventually the 3 little ones just waited in the car while Shayla explored.
We tented in Osoyoos and spent a full day and Farm Gramma and Grampa who meant us there. We did some biking and beach combing. 
Then we arrived in Vancouver at my cousin, Allise's house! We had our very own chauffeur and tour guide to take us to west coast places! I think the favourite was the searching for shells and watching people crabbing off the dock! 
Then we meant my sister, Vanessa and family at Skookumchuck natural hot springs, near Pemberton. Enjoyed camping with all the proper camping supplies that they brought, relaxing in the hot pools in the rain and hiking and biking along the river!
We stopped at their place for a night on our way to the farm! (Had to take a turn or two in the hillside rope swing and dirt biking!)
Enjoyed Easter with Farm Gramma and Grampa and had a lovely all day campfire with other family as well!
Then homeward bound, with a stop in Calgary, where we meant my sister, Corrine, and family and Clayton's brother, Nathan, and family for water sliding and science centre fun! 
Clayton surprised us by showing up at the hotel too!
And then we drove the last leg back home!
What an adventure!
Our team chant at various places was: 'Let's blow this popsicle stand!'
(Funny to us because one time I said this when we were done our shopping trip to the city and once we were in the car Jax shouts 'when will we get to the popsicle stand?!')

First stop: Windmills!

Old tree at the Crowsnest Pass

The Big Truck!

Fun at the Big Truck stop

Old train tunnel somewhere along the #3 in BC!

Haynes point provincial park


Farm Gramma and Grampa in Osoyoos

Spotted Lake

Lovely old growth west coast forests!

Bridal Falls in Chilliwack

Hanging around!

Hollow log!

Guided tour with a car full of kids! Front row: Shayla, Jax and Mya

Back row: Alexander, Tristan and Rhys

At the Vancouver Aquarium

Dolphin show!

Feeding time!

Jelly fish


Playful sea otters!

Beach combing at Belcarra

Little crab

Alexander and Mya collecting treasurers

Jax; taking a break!

Allise and Kimberly, taking a break!

The adventurers!

Shells and sea life on the dock


Very friendly fisherman, Riley, crabbing by swimming
down to the ocean floor and grabbing crabs!

Dungeness crab

A true fisherman; Tristan was dying to try his hand at crabbing!

The hot springs!

Soaking in a tub with Amelia

Getting smiles from baby, Rueban!

Mountain women

Hike to a waterfall!

Waterfalls... awe!

Camping by the river

Saw lots of wildlife! Even a momma bear and her cubs!

Lillooet: Seton Lake


Dirt bike rides... how lucky!
Tristan says:
It was so cool Mom, Uncle did a wheelie and a jump at the same time!
Oh my!!! Hope it just felt like that!!!

Shayla too!

Painting easter eggs at Gramma's with our Courtney!

The hunt!

Colourful eggs

Found one!

Still searching

Grampa's 10% easter egg tax to get back inside!
What an adventure!
'Let's blow this popsicle stand!'


Anonymous said...

"Let's blow this popsicle stand!" That's a new one to me. Cute. Could have used a popsicle was 32 degrees! Hey Jax!
Love picture story of your adventure.... very nice Kimberly. You guys experienced a lot of things......
Hugs to all. It was nice to be in on some of your adventure. I'll have to get your picture of Spotted Lake.... Guess what?...I took several photos there BUT not one that showed the lake! LOL
Love farm gramma and mom :)

Anonymous said...

Gosh...I just went through your entry a second time (cause there's so much to see and enjoy) and at bottom of page-- it had the old blog picture of your "Bike Adventure". Shayla looks so young and little and one year old Tristan's little head is peeking out of the chariot. That was some adventure too with Vanessa, eh Kimberly?

Vanessa said...

FUN FUN FUN!!! I'm so glad you took the time to do that adventure!! SO glad we got to be a part of it too :) Amelia still thinks camping by hotsprings is the best idea ever! Glad the weather was pretty good ... especially in Lillooet ;)
I love that you take so many pictures and have this blog to document all the great times your kiddos are having... making some grand memories and keeping them forever too!

Kimberly said...

I am so glad that even though 'the adventure' got down sized, we still did it! And thanks for joining in for parts of it Mom and Dad and Vanessa and family! Camping by the hot springs will have to be done again! And a bike trip! I have been day dreaming about that again. If we don't get more kid free adults to join in maybe I'll have to leave a few kids at Gramma's. People do do things without all their kids sometimes I hear!!!!

Anonymous said...

That would work for me....Kiddo's here OR being the auxilary vehicle (truck) so ones like me that can't bike as far or as long can bike back and drive to the next site!!! or bike to meet from that next site!!! Love Gramma :)