Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Creator extraordinaire!

Jax likes to make stuff.
He is a creator.
He is completely dedicated to a creation task.
He can sit and work on a project for hours.
I am not exaggerating! 
His favourite are those melting bead projects, those tiny beads you painstakingly place on a mat and then melt together with an iron. (I couldn't find a picture of any of those project, unfortunately.)
He is the only one in our family to completely fill and finish the large square mat with beads!
It took him two days.
He has such determination and dedication, it surprises me.
Except when it comes to cleaning up... by then he is much too tired from all his creating to clean up. 
That's what he tries to use as his excuse anyhow!

It's funny, how as a parent, you think you know your kids... and there are things they are born with that later in life you will say, 'ya, they were just born that way!'
But then there are these unexpected things.
When he was 1 and 2 years old and going down the twisty slide head first and climbing cupboards and breaking most toys or siblings crafts he could get his hands on, I never thought he would be interested at such a early age in sitting still for hours to make stuff.
Guessed that personality trait wrong!

Here are just a few of his latest creations:

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Funny Farm!

Well... it's been 6 years since we moved out to the acreage.
So I guess that means it's been 6 years since I first started thinking about getting a horse and some chickens!
And about 5 years since I told the kids we are going to get a horse and chickens one day.
So far it's looking like one day means the same to me as it did to my Mom when she said, 'yes we'll go to Disneyland one day!' 
I got over not going to Disneyland, so I am sure the kids will get over this, right?!

But I really do hope one day does happen... soon.
And the funny thing is; I could make it happen... this decision is actually up to me. Getting a horse is how Clayton talked me into moving out here, so he has to be on board. 
Unfortunately I like to day dream about adventures I might have one day and not actually buy stuff.
I hate buying stuff. I mean: shopping is not my favourite!
Turns out this transfers over to buying a horse.
Not my favourite.
Couldn't the perfect horse; suitable for me but also great with kids, just show up in our horse pasture?
I'd leave a big wad of cash out there on a fence post for the deliverer!

The horse pasture is ready and waiting... Clayton did his part... now we're just waiting on Kimberly! ONE DAY!

But in the mean time we have acquired some funny farm pets.
The kind that just show up, without notice, at your place.
That works for me!

The salamander we kept for one day and then let free.
The bat we tried to nurse back to health. But to no avail. Rest in peace little batty.
The princess and lion seem to have taken up residence here! ;)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Happy 8th Birthday Shayla!

Happy Birthday Shayla!

(Getting this post up a little late, but better late than never, right?!)

How can you be 8 already?!
Wasn't it just yesterday that you were bum scooting around the house and emptying full cheerio boxes onto the floor for a snack?
Now you are doing cart wheels and round offs around the yard and baking cupcakes of your own creation for a snack!
You add so much joy and fun to our lives!
We all love you so much honey and wish you a wonderful, joy filled 8th year!!!