Thursday, September 28, 2017

1st day of playschool!

Jax and Mya had their first day of playschool on Tuesday!
They loved it!
They are four years old and big kids now and school is so much fun! Yay!
Plus they have an awesome teacher and each other, so that helps!

This morning when Tristan was complaining about not wanting to go to school, Mya said, can I go to school today Mommy? I love school! And I said maybe you can go for Tristan and do his Grade 1 work! And Tristan said, No she can't, Grade 1 is hardwork.... Mya, play school is just fun, that's why you love it!
True dat! Playschool has the word play in it... it's gotta be fun right?!

My sweethearts... so grown up!


Amber said...

First of all, I am WAY behind checking your blog!

Secondly, I adore Mya's hair! This is why I didn't think it odd that Leah thought her middle name was "Curly" :)

Hard to believe our babies are big kids, but they're so darn cute about it!!

Anonymous said...

They grow up so quickly. Cute as buttons--love the pictures Kimberly! :)
Glad they "love" play school....Too bad "play" wasn't considered more so grade oner's would love to go every day too, eh Tristan.
Love Farm Gramma.... who strangely enough "loved school" always! I've always been a bit weirdly different though!
:) :O