Wednesday, September 6, 2017

1st Day of School!

Oops... where did the summer go?!!!

Well for now here is the first day of school!
Tristan in Grade 1 and Shayla in Grade 3!!!
(And Mya and Jax will start play school this year too!)

They both came home with big smiles and saying they had awesome days!
So nice!


Vanessa said...

YEay!! SO glad they had such fantastic first days of school! May it last the whole year long :) You are going to have an empty nest on the play school days!... oh what to do!
So SO So glad you posted... Ive been checking ;)
The kids look great. I love Shayla's new haircut! Banges.... how do you spell banngs...beighns .... great front hair!

Anonymous said...

Awwww...great to hear school started off with such smiles! Awesome feeling for kids and parents when that happens! :)
I love Shayla's "front hair" too! He.He. There were four "bang" definitions in the dictionary (a paper book right by my computer!--He.He.) The one actually said: "cut (front hair)across forehead".
I've been checking too Kimberly. Glad to see a couple!
Love mom :) and dad