Thursday, September 7, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday Tristan!

Well we had the birthday party a month early and now this blog birthday wish is a month late!
What can I say... summer birthdays... ya that's what I am going to say!!!
At least with summer birthdays in this family you usually get 2 if not more parties!

Happy Birthday Tristan!
You bring so much joy into our lives. You are such a caring, fun and thoughtful young man! 
We love you so much!
(And this momma is gonna miss you this fall as you go into Grade 1 and are at school 5 days a week!)

Our no so little sweetheart!

Party time #1:
Party decorations made by Tristan!
Slip and slide fun!
Zip line fun!
Cake fun!
PiƱata fun!
Present fun! Trampoline fun with cousins!

Party time #2:
Cake fun!
Present fun!
Trampoline fun with Uncle Ron!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What great pictures. I love pictures. Love the story their expressions tell! :) :) The kids are, is that really Riley?! obviously haven't seen him in a while!
How many kids are piled up on Uncle Ron... trying to count feet and heads to figure it out!!! He.He.
Happy belated birthday to Tristan.... Tomorrow we'll wake up to Mya and Jax turning "4"!!!!
Love Farm Gramma and Grampa