Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Party Time!

My favourite birthday memory is how much Mya and Jax played with their pinatas the few days before the party. I thought they might just break apart on the first hit! 
And then after the party was over Jax said, Mom, I really miss my big Chase. We should not have crashed him. Awe so sweet and a little sad.
And as I was posting the birthday wishes I read them to Mya and Jax and Mya exclaimed, You got us from the grocery store? To which I said, no and a few other details. And then she said, then why did you say get a baby brother?! So sweet.

Can't believe my babies are 4 years old!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Kimberly. Jax looks hesitant about hitting his "Chase". Miss Mya, on the other hand, looks like she put full power behind her whack of her pinatta!
Those are bright coloured bags to gather the candy loot! One picture looks "Pink" and the other "Blue"! Neat :)
Nice red chairs too, I see!
Fun times!
Love always, us farm folks :) :)

Vanessa said...

What Party FUN!!!! I love that you threw two parties simultaneously, rather then one party for two kids ;) nice work momma! Happy birthday to the babies.... big boy and big girl ;)