Friday, October 27, 2017

Did anyone ever tell YOU that you talk too much?!

Tonight was lovely.
Which was heaven sent, as this afternoon, after school let out that is, was the exact opposite of lovely.
But enough about that.
Tonight was lovely.

Bedtime tuck-ins are my downfall, or maybe where I shine, depending on who's point of view you are looking at it from. (And by that I mean... if you're Clayton or my kids!)

I just can't help it. Being a Mom is always a push and pull and often a full on tug-a-war of who gets my attention. And having 4 kids just automatically quadruples that feeling! Wow look at those sick math skills! ;) So I just can't help it... especially with two kiddos in their own rooms now... it is just such a quiet, peaceful, quality one-on-one time to have a little chat about the day. It's comfy, I'm usually snuggled under a blanket, a little arm is almost always draped over me (if it's Mya's little arm then her tiny fingers are often playing with my hair and if you're gonna do that, I ain't leaving no how... most relaxing thing ever) and often they start with, I love you so much Mommy... can we just talk? Like I said, I just can't help myself! Yes, my darling, what should we talk about? And 2 hours later I emerge from tucking 4 children into bed.
Sorry Clayton.
I realize you tuck 4 children into bed in 2 minutes.
I bow down to you!
What can I say... you're a man of few words?!!! ;)

Tonight Shayla's tuck-in was extra long. Like an hour and a half long.
For one, Clayton wasn't home, and for two, we were in need of some quality one-on-one time. And what a time it was. It all started by me telling her a story about Aunty Corrine and her teenage church going days and her talking the whole family into going with her this one time... but wait... that's a whole other story! Anyhow, Shayla thought it was hilarious and turns out I did too. We laughed and laughed and then continued to share stories and laugh those big gut wrenching laughs. It was just such a wonderful  hour and a half moment in time.
(This afternoon I had thought that maybe I just needed to have a good cry but turns out a real good laugh works even better!)
A few times throughout I commented that we should probably stop talking and get to sleep, but we just kept finding something else to talk about. Finally we both rolled over and I whispered I love you so much hunny. And she said the same. Then we had a short heart to heart. And near the end of this conversation she says:
Mom, did anyone ever tell you, that you talk too much? I am just wondering. No one told me that, just wondering about you.
Me: Oh, no one said that to you?
Her: Nope. Just wondering if anyone has ever said it to you?
Me: Well Shayla... lately I have really been working on trying to NOT take things personally, not worry about what other people think about me. Because, really, it is only important what you think of yourself. Could you imagine going through life and not worrying about what others thought about you. What a refreshing life that would be!
Her: Ya I guess... but did anyone ever say that to you?
Me: Well, I doubt it. If anyone did, it would have been a close family member because otherwise I am usually too shy to say too much. Especially in a large group. It's actually something I am trying to work on... speaking up a bit.
Her: Oh.
Me: But Shayla I can't stay any longer! We just keep talking and you need to get to sleep!
Her: Hey, you're the one that started it... again!

And then something clicked.

Me: Wait a minute! Were you asking me if anyone has ever said that I talk too much... because you think I talk too much?!!!
Her: Yup!
And then we both cracked up uncontrollably once again.
Me: Well Shayla, you may think that I talk too much but I no longer care what other people think about me so...... na na na na boo boo!

And.. then... finally... I got up and left the room because, man, some people really do just talk too much!!! ;)


Donald j T said...

Its hereditary.

Amber said...

This is awesome :) Such a subtle approach, Shayla!

H H Q Beth said...

I say, I must agree with Trump, it is possibly hereditary ;) those Gooch genes!

Anonymous said...

Hummmm...I don't know who's genes it could be??? Hummmm...?
But bedtime tuck-ins are wonderful times with the kids!
And Shayla, you are so sweet and kind!
Love and hugs! XO XO XO XO