Thursday, October 26, 2017

New rooms!

This summer Shayla asked if she could have her own room.
My first thought was, no way, you're too little, it's fun to share, I want you up stairs near me and mostly I don't want to have to organize and clean up the basement!
Out loud I said, 'let us think about it!'

So it was decided that this fall... once it was cold enough that I could handle the thought of being held up inside for a few days... we would move Shayla downstairs!
It was a lot of sorting and cleaning and organizing and even more throwing away! (4 large garbage bags full!!!) Which turned out to be super refreshing and a great feeling in the end!

Now my sewing and craft room has been moved in with the spare bed in the cement room downstairs! And it is thus far so organized and clean!

Shayla moved into the old craft room and kept the big bed. 
Tristan moved into the twins old room with Shayla's old captains bed. 
And the twins moved into the larger room, which use to be Shayla and Tristan's. 
They took their bunk, as Jax was determined he would still sleep on the top bunk, and Tristan's old bed is in their room as well, incase Tristan's ever feels like having a sleepover! (Shayla was ready for her own space and Tristan was not so sure about this whole own room, by yourself thing! Maybe it's a 2nd child thing... I hear ya Tristan! Although so far he's only used his old bed once!)

So far everyone has been enjoying their new spaces and keeping their rooms fairly tidy!
Some more than others! ;)
As predicted, Tristan's room stays spotless, now that his older sister is out of it with all her hoarding tendencies!


And she purchased her own pet: Guppy!
(I guess she wasn't ready to be completely alone! ;)


They were completely fine with still sharing...
and when asked about one possibility of... girls sharing and boys
sharing a room, they were absolutely against it.
Mya and Jax, for now, will stick together. No ifs, ands, or buts!


Vanessa said...

Awesome! It all looks great! gets me reminiscing about sharing rooms (and beds!) and also how fun it was to decorate my own space as a child. All good practice for the day they own their own houses!
The rooms look great... I feel like I could find a few more things that personalize Amelia's room....
I was hoping for a picture of your craft room while its neat and tidy! maybe it will still be neat and tidy the next time I make it out there! haha

Amber said...

How sweet that Mya and Jax want to keep sharing a room <3

Congratulations, Shayla! What a big move!

And Tristan, you are such a gentle soul.

I love that their rooms are so personalized. That's pretty impressive!

Anonymous said...

Great rooms!!!
Growing up!!
Love your rooms kids!