Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ok just a few more pics!

I was gonna try and just post the shadow pictures from our trip to Writing on Stone...
but looks like I couldn't do it after all!
So here are, yet again, more pictures of the hoo doos!

Writing on Stone is just too pretty and we just have too much fun:
* We had many beautiful and peaceful deer sightings (ruined only slightly by certain people pretending to shoot them ;) 
* Shayla and I did morning yoga on the hoo doos 
* Everyone climbed the hoo doos a lot... the older kids even went off exploring by themselves
* Got to spend some quality time with good friends
* Due to our favourite spot being occupied, we camped right by the hoo doos... even had our own trail leading into some cool spots! Maybe we have a new favourite spot?!

Writing on Stone; thanks for all the fun! 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful place and pictures! It is wonderful that people are allowed to climb on the hoodoos and that everyone has been respectful to them over the years....
It looks like a peaceful, "in nature" place for yoga. :) :)
Fun with friends -- lovely.
love from the farm folks