Monday, January 29, 2018

I am going to Mexico with this girl!

We fly out tomorrow... and she doesn't know a thing about it yet!
I am SO excited to go with her and SO excited to see the surprised look on her face tonight when she finds out where we are going!!!
I can't wait!!!


Allise said...

Oh that is SO fun! Vanessa told me you two were going to go! But I had no idea it was a total surprise. I hope you enjoy some one on one time. What a lovely gift to Shayla and you ❤️

Anonymous said...

It was so ironic when Shayla was expressing her longing to go to Mexico while chatting to Uncle Jeryn at New Year's Eve gathering and Jeryn said, "Well you better start saving your money!" Everyone there, except Shayla, Tristan, Mya and Jax knew she would be heading to Mexico in less than a month!!!
Enjoy your lovely one-on-one time Kimberly and Shayla. Look forward to your blog entry after you get back and some glorious pictures.
Is it going to be Mexico for each of the others over the next 3 (or 6??) years! He.He.
Love mom :)

biggest fan said...

Well??? did you ever come back from mexico?!
Awaiting your mexico post eagerly!! ;)