Monday, January 29, 2018


We made slime over the Christmas holidays... a lot of slime!
It was slimy fun!
Apparently there are lots of types of slimes
 and even more YouTube videos on how to make them!

We made:
Fish bowl slime
Popcorn slime 
Glitter slime
Butter slime (this one didn't turn out so well)


Allise said...

Fun! Is it difficult to make? Is it messy? Does it last long? I don't have any idea about this stuff. Looks like all four enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Looks like they had fun! That was money well spent. What a slimy activity!! He.He. :)
I like the look of the blue one. Shayla was showing me some of the You Tube "How To Make" videos. looked simple enough!!
Love Farm Gramma :)

Kimberly said...

Hey Allise! Slime is pretty easy to make.... some recipes are just shaving cream, glue and contact solution! When it turns out it is not too messy, when it doesn't turn out it can be a big mess! LOL And we just keep them in zip lock bags and they last for a while... they definitely start to harden up and are not quite as slimy... but my kids still have some of theirs from Christmas. Although it has gotta to be garage time for them soon!!!