Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Baja... Mexico!

Yes, we did actually come back from Mexico!
I guess I put some pictures up on Facebook and then totally forgot about my blog.
Also my computer is crammed full of pictures again... didn't this just happen a couple of months ago... and I could only upload half of the pictures from our trip. So, I think, I was also kind of waiting until I did something about that! Which I still haven't done anything about that... so I decided to just put up some pictures from what is uploaded on my computer... turns out it is still quite a lot! Really just missing some of Vanessa and Jeryn's house/property pictures... for some reason one picture of their gate is on my computer and that is all!

So here are some pictures from our Mom and Daughter trip! 
We had such a wonderful time! It was so fun to camp right on the beach and have such wonderful hosts, who knew the area and had their own wheels to take us to lots of cool spots! The caves we explored during low tide where amazing and the waterfall oasis hike was so pristine and peaceful with only us there! And then of course all the ocean fun; boogie boarding, surfing, swimming, fishing, sand castle building, examining sea creatures, rocks and ocean life... oh and of course all the delicious two dollar tacos and fresh fruit! Mexico!

Although, apparently, when I take the other three kids on their special trips I really only have to go to Lillooet because Tristan randomly says 'Mom I can't wait to go on my trip and have Amelia copy everything that I do! I am so excited for her to do that to me!' (She'll still be doing that in a couple of years... right Vanessa?!!! ;) And Mya and Jax say, 'We can't wait to see baby Rueben walk in the sand. Baby Rueben is sooooooo cute!
And then they sometimes add this crazy plea as well: 'Mom why can't you have another baby? Please Mom, pleeeeeease?!!!' To which I respond: 'No way! Nope! Our family is complete kiddos! Four is the perfect number for me!'
So I guess it is up to you Vanessa... Tristan, Mya and Jax would really appreciate it, if you plan to have another baby or two before their special trips to the Baja, ok?!!!! LOL

Oh Mexico... I had such a great time there with my darling Shayla!
Thank you!


Anonymous said...

What lovely pictures of a beautiful trip! Some awesome shots!! Can't wait to get down there myself.... Thamks for the blog Kimberly... wonderful memento of a great mom/daughter trip! XOXO :)

Vanessa said...

You did have quite a few pictures downloaded! wonderful!! The climb up the side of the waterfall looks kinda sketchy.... makes us seem so hard core! What a great day, those spots are pretty special!
As for the request of another baby... not likely!! I'll push Rueben over lots when he's walking on the beach on Mya's trip or Jax's... or rather, lets hope they forget about babies by then. Tristan is so sweet wanting Amelia to mimic him.
We had such a good time with Shayla and you, look forward to the next one ;) although... won't you get bored of the same old place?? (Ben and Jeryn would say 'Never!')

Vanessa... again said...

And another thing: I should have taken your camera more often and got more pics of you and shayla in mexico! Plus... did you get any pics of shayla's hair when you took out the braids?? I imagine it was impressive and a lot of work! Amelias took some time and her hair had volume until we got it soaked days later!