Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Tick tock...

... or just tick!
(Even though it could be: tick tock tick tock... when are you ever gonna post again lady!)

We spent a few days camping down at our favourite spot: Writing on Stone! We had beautiful, summer weather. Which is crazy as there was still snow in spots on the south side of the river as it had apparently just melted in the campground a few days before we got there!

And the day we were leaving to head back home Shayla pulled a tick out of her hair... or head actually... she did have the bite mark.
So, after baths at home, we checked everyone and Mya had a tick chomping on the back of her head as well. She took it quite well... after the initial scream and panic. We carefully removed it with tweezers... the little sucker was hard to pull off and took a small chunk of skin with it.

Once we were done and the kids were snuggled on the couch awaiting snack and story, Jax followed me into the kitchen. He patted me on the leg, looked up at me with a very serious look on his face and said, "Mom I love my sister so much. I'm so glad you got that tick off... cause if that tick ate Mya ALL up I would have cried and screamed."

So sweet and made me giggle at the same time.

Imagine that teeny tick eating Mya ALL up... she's my baby girl and I still feel like she's so little... but not THAT little!!! ;)

(Disclaimer: After empathizing with Jax, I did explain that a bug that small would never be able to eat a person all up. They just take a teeny tiny bite or two before we squash them!)

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! That sweet little Jax.... thinking that tick was eating his sister! Glad you cleared that up Kimberly! Don't want him terrified to go to Writing on Stone again.... what with it's ticks and rattlesnakes!
Man--those ticks just went for the girls! Sure you didn't get one too Kimberly.
Catch you later.... Glad to read something on this blog at last (He.He) I was about giving up on you. :( MA, MOM, Gramma