Friday, June 22, 2018

Goodbye Grandma Gooch

Hey Grandma... we love you so much. 
We are going to miss you... miss our visits with you... eating endless cheesies... dancing our hearts out at Friday night Happy Hours... joining in on random fun events and watching you get a strike in bowling and then the kids joining in as well...  and I will miss you reaching out for my hand and saying, 'Kimberly... you are the one with the twins, right? I had twins once...' And I would say, 'Yes you do Grandma!  Twins... they are a lot of work, hey?!' And you would say, 'Oh no, not really. They were good. It was just fine.' 
Everything was always just fine with you, Grandma. If there was ever a lesson to be learned in not complaining you were the perfect teacher who truly taught by example!

The kids and I sat on the couch today and cried and laughed and talked about our memories of you. It was lovely to reminisce about my childhood visits at your house... trying on all your high heeled shoes and fancy jewellery and clomping up and down your hallway... trying to catch frogs in your little pond... playing the game of Life... jumping back and forth over the wrinkled ridge of carpet that ran down the centre of your living room... petting your kitty cat Abby... walking up to your house with a bucket full of kittens to show you... or riding up on our horses and stopping in to say 'hi'. 
I love you so much Grandma! Thanks for all the wonderful memories.

 I am so thankful that you hung on these last few years so that my kids got to know you a little bit. 
I am also thankful that you found your time to let go... to be resting peacefully at last.

We love you Grandma. 
Give Grandpa a big hug for us... I am sure he is up there doing headstands in heaven! 
I imagine you'll be watching over us, until we meet again...


Vanessa said...

You say things so perfectly kimberly!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Well said Kimberly!
Very touching and thoughtful.
I had forgot about that Gramma Eileen of 20-50 years ago. Thank you for the memories!
Love mom :)