Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Rainbow playdoh!

Here it is:

And that's the extent of this post.

I still haven't cleared up any space on my computer... which has made me take considerably less pictures... which in a way is refreshing... but also annoying as I am stuck with the most recent picture I can put up on this blog post being from February.

And I finally have a horse now... so a post about that would be nice.
But, like I said, now I have a horse... so I REALLY have no time no want to make time to figured out my picture storage options!!! LOL
Oh man... the posts on this thing were already few and far between... what's gonna happen now?! :)


Vanessa said...

even fewer and further between... most likely!

the people who post daily .... or weekly, probably live in a city in an apartment or condo.... not on 3 Acres with 4 young kids, a thousand cats... i mean 3, some self hatched chickens... now a horse... garden, fruit trees and the need to drive 9 hours to their childhood home/farm every chance they get :) I'm glad your horse travels... otherwise we might not see you... which would not be ok!

cool playdough by the way! so bright and colourful!!

Anonymous said...

"DIDO" on Vanessa's comment!!!! :) :)
But...priorities, right! Like Grampa Gooch would always say, "Live in the moment. Be aware of what's happening right now!"
You need to enjoy those sweet four children, your animals, your garden, your new horse......oh yah!-- your understanding sweet husband!

Love the brilliant rainbow colours of the playdough! Had to be something other than food colouring to get those awesome vibrant colours.

Love farm gramma :)